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Conducted just before the arcade release of Ikaruga, this interview with Treasure’s founder/president Masato Maegawa discusses some of the challenges of designing that game, as well as industry trends and observations about the STG genre generally. Maegawa has some especially heartening (and pointed) words at the end; it’s not hard to see why Treasure is so beloved by gamers, with their games-before-profit philosophy.

Developers: Kaneko (Arcade and Genesis), Hudson Soft (TurboGrafx-16)
Composer: Tatsuya Watanabe
Platforms: Arcade, Genesis, PC Engine
Release: 1990 (PCE)

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Shin Jinrui The New Type (FC)

Adventures of Dino Riki (NES)

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Developer: Hudson Soft
Developer: UPL
Publisher: Taito
Composer: Yoshi…

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Toshiya Yamanaka was a composer for Arsys Software and Treasure, known among FM music afficionados for his work on Star Cruiser, Knight Arms, and other Japanese PC games.

One day I heard from a friend that this new STG “Battle Garegga” had a soundtrack that was getting critical acclaim from all over.

I’m Yu, whose name you can see on the hi-score screen when you power the game on. I did the planning and software coordination for After Burner II.

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