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Some covers and albums are difficult to find since years have passed. We will be grateful for your help in our searches and seeding of our radio station’s tracks library.



Некоторые обложки и альбомы за давностью лет сложно найти. Будем признательны за помощь в поиске и пополнении фонотеки радиостанции.


  • Shikigami no Shiro Nanayoduki Gensokyoku ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK – VGMdb
  • Galt-Rio: Maximum Position (PC-9801) – ART
  • Xenon 2 MegaBlast (X68000) – ART
  • Hana Taaka Daka (PCE)
  • Bouken Danshaku Don: The Lost Sunheart (PCE)
  • Rock-On (PCE)
  • Hani In The Sky (PCE)
  • Toilet Kids (PCE)
  • Deep Blue (PCE)
  • Rabio Lepus Special (PCE)
  • Gokuraku! Chuuka Taisen Cloud Master (PCE)
  • Twin Hawk (SMD)
  • Mega Swiv (SMD)
  • XDR: X-Dazedly-Ray (SMD)
  • Xenon 2: Megablast (SMD)
  • Xiao Monv: Magic Girl (SMD)
  • Gadget Twins (SMD)
  • Divine Sealing (SMD)
  • Ordyne (PCE)
  • Flying Tigers (DOS)
  • Flying Tigers 2 (DOS)
  • Star Monkey (windows)
  • Airstrike 3D (Windows)
  • Steel Saviour (Windows)
  • Solaris 104 (windows)
  • Aa Mujou Setsuna (DC)
  • ZeroRanger (Windows)
  • DOGOS (Windows)
  • QP Shooting – Dangerous!! (Windows)
  • Tenta Shooter (Windows)
  • Sion III (X68000)
  • Sion I,II,III,IV (ART)
  • Kagaku Ninja Tai Gatchaman: The Shooting (Ps1)
  • Akazukin Cha Cha Cha (X68000) (ART)
  • Direct-X Release.2 (X68000) (ART)
  • Rolling Gunner (Switch)
  • Game Tengoku (Gemu Tengoku), also known as The Game Paradise! (Saturn)
  • TwinBee (Arcade)
  • TwinBee (GBA)
  • Space Soldier II (X68000)
  • Space Soldier (X68000)
  • Alien Outbreak (PC)
  • Gundemonium Soundtrack vgmdb
  • DEZATOPIA EN (Switch) (Steam)
  • R-Type Final 2
  • Youjuu Kikouhei WerDragon PC-8801 Remastered Soundtracks vgmdb
  • S.H.M.U.P. – source link
  • Dangun Feveron (Ps4)
  • Aka to Blue (Mobile)
  • Trouble Witches Origin (Windows)
  • Seisou Kouki Strania Sound Track EXTRA DISC vgmdb
  • Air Assault / Fire Barrel (Arcade)
  • Air Attack (Arcade)
  • Ajax (Amstrad CPC, Arcade, Commodore 64, DOS, ZX Spectrum)
  • Space Invaders ’95: The Attack of Lunar Loonies \ Akkanbeder (Arcade)

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