1944 The Loop Master (Arcade)

Written by on 15.06.2019

Developers: 8ing/Raizing
Publisher: Capcom
Composer: ?
Platforms: Arcade
Release: 2000


This is the 5th original part in Capcom’s 194X series of top-down shoot’em ups. This time you have the choice to board the P-38 Lightning or Mitsubishi A6M Zero WWII planes and test your shooting skills in 15 stages.

Like its predecessor, 19XX: The War Against Destiny, it features a charge up system. When holding down the fire button, the charge bar will fill, and when full, the plane will fly up and become temporarily invincible.

Players start out with only one life. The plane has a health bar which decreases after every hit but can be increased again by picking up (rare) health items.

From Mobygames.com.

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