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Toshiya Yamanaka was a composer for Arsys Software and Treasure, known among FM music afficionados for his work on Star Cruiser, Knight Arms, and other Japanese PC games.

These two Afterburner interviews are from 1988 and 1996, but I have compiled them (by subject matter) into a single interview. The seminal arcade title was mostly developed by the three-man team of Yu Suzuki, Satoshi Mifune, and musician Hiroshi “Hiro” Kawaguchi.

Hitoshi Sakimoto (崎元 仁 Sakimoto Hitoshi, born February 26, 1969) is a Japanese video game musiccomposer and arranger. He is best known for scoring Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII, though he has composed soundtracks for over 80 other games. He began playing music and video games in elementary school, and began composing video game music for money by the time he was […]

Hisayoshi Ogura (小倉 久佳 Ogura Hisayoshi) is a former member of Taito Corporation‘s “house band” Zuntata. He is best known for his musical compositions in the Darius arcade series. His musical style is often experimental electronica; however, in Zoids Infinity Ex he focused on more on an orchestrated soundtrack. He also created the soundtrack to Ninja Warriors and voiced the character Marco in Kaiser Knuckle (known outside Japan […]

Do you have the stomatch to battle in the belly of the beast?

This is the 5th original part in Capcom’s 194X series of top-down shoot’em ups.

The prequel to 1942, like the other games in the 194x series, is a top down shooter set in WWII.

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