We have launched a sub-site adapted for the browser of a portable console from Sony – PlayStation Portable. Now you can listen to your favorite music and read articles directly from the console. In the Blog section, articles related to PSP shmups will be published. Interviews with the composers and developers of Dariusburst are now available. On the Listen page, following the instructions, you can download the radio app and settings for it with the preset streams of SHMUPRADIO and Voice of Arcadia.

This is a text adaptation of an interview that Lucas Milani Santiago took from Vitor Vilela, the engineer who fixed Gradius III. It was a very early game for the SNES. The programmers focused on making an arcade port. Since it was an arcade port, they didn’t optimize the code at all. Because it wasn’t optimized, the game ran on a very low framerate compared to the arcade. The infamous slowdow in present even in the arcade version.

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