La Calice Cup 2020 Spring

Written by on 12.04.2020

About Tournament


The STG tourney that brings together casuals and world record holders is back. New teams and another twelve games provide opportunity to grow and compete.


Begins: April 10 at 12:00 AM (-4 GMT)
Ends: May 10 11:59PM (-4 GMT)


  1. Strikers 1999 – Any region (s1945iii)
  2. Hacha Mecha Fighter – Default (hachamfb)
  3. Raiden Fighters Jet – JP (rfjetj)
  4. Frog & Spiders – Default (fspiderb)
  5. Turbo Force – World (turbofrc)
  6. Game Tengoku – Default (gametngk)
    – PC, Switch, PS4 and Saturn ports NOT allowed
  7. Darius Gaiden – Default (dariusg)
    – PS4 and Switch ports allowed / M2 Gadgets OFF
    – PS1, PS2 and Saturn ports are NOT allowed.
    – Invincibility glitch is NOT allowed
  8. Ketsui Kizuna Jigoku Tachi – Default (ket)
    – PS4 port allowed.
    – The “Ketsui Bomb” glitch is NOT allowed. It’s off by default on PS4 but it’s there as an option and it shouldn’t not be enabled. If you’re unsure of what it is, you’re probably fine. This is not the standard default bomb.
  9. Tenkomori Shooting – World/Japan (tenkomor / tenkomorja)
    – Medium Difficulty
  10. GI Joe – JP (gijoej)


    • You may use any emulator, as long as it runs the roms properly.
    • 1 credit starting at stage 1, no continues.
    • Default settings unless specified.
    • Dip Switches default unless specified.
    • Autofire allowed unless specified.
    • Brief pauses for emergencies (bathroom, phone call, baby, couch on fire etc..) is allowed.
    • Games and Rules found in their respective Discord channel on this server and the La Calice Cup website are the only official ones. If they somehow differ from Games and Rules listed anywhere else, the official lists prevail.


  • Screenshot mandatory (or video). They can be taken directly from Mame. Hit F12 when you want to snap a picture. They can be found in the “snap” folder of your Mame directory (create a “snap” folder if you don’t have one)
  • Video footage required ONLY for top 3 scores. Youtube link (unlisted is fine) or Twitch highlight.
  • It’s accepted to submit a Top 3 score with a screenshot and an INP. But the player will have one week to change the INP for a Youtube link if his score is still top 3.
    Of course, this is different in the last week of the tourney. The player will have one day to change the INP for a Youtube link during the last week of the tourney.This applies to “Permanent Leaderboards” although, top 3 video footage must be attached with the submission without delay.

Special rule

  • A score must be submitted on each game before May 1st at midnight EST (-4GMT)
    If the player fails to submit a score on a game(s) before the cutoff, they will lose the ability to submit a score for what remains of the tournament for that game(s)

Please, do not take screenshots or record footage before the tourney begins officially on April 10.

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