The Women of Game Design – 1990

This questionnaire-style interview was originally featured in the 10/90 edition of BEEP! Megadrive magazine. It’s both a fascinating cultural snapshot of the early video game industry in Japan, as well as a nice introduction to some of the “unknown soldiers” of game design, including women involved in Alisia Dragoon and Battle of Olympus.

Calice Power Ups

Each program will be dedicated to one game: the entire soundtrack, which will sound from the first to the last song – no matter how long it took.

Каждая программа будет посвящена одной игре: всему саундтреку, который прозвучит от первой до последней композиции – сколько бы времени это не заняло.

29 Oct 2019

Power Up


01 Nov 2019

Power Up

Image Fight

05 Nov 2019

Power Up

Sky Adventure

08 Nov 2019

Power Up

Mahou Daisakusen

12 Nov 2019

Power Up

Sengoku Blade

15 Nov 2019

Power Up

Star Force

19 Nov 2019

Power Up

Dangun Feveron

22 Nov 2019

Power Up


26 Nov 2019

29 Nov 2019

Power Up

Galaga `88

03 Dec 2019

06 Dec 2019

Power Up

NAM 1975

10 Dec 2019

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