Dangun Feveron

Power Up

Event info
Date: 19.11.2019
Time: 10:00 pm
Location: Power Up

Publisher: CAVE Co., Ltd.
Developer: CAVE Co., Ltd.
Sound: Ryūichi Yabuki (矢吹 隆一), Quark Company, T’s Music

Platforms: Arcade, PS 4, Xbox One
Release: Sep, 1998



  1. Battle Fighter
  2. Dancing Bomber of Love
  3. One More Step to the Ambition
  4. Hello Mr. Cyborg Soldier
  5. Sad Barofever
  6. Soul Supermarket
  7. Aim for 999 Disco People
  8. True Boss Arrives
  9. Ending
  10. It’s Gone Crazy
  11. Uotaro Is Working Absurdly
  12. Start While Pressing A+B

Duration: 15 min

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