Strikers 1999

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Date: 01.05.2020
Time: 10:00 pm
Location: Power Up

Strikers 1945 III

Developer: Psikyo
Publisher: Psikyo
Composer: Masaki Izutani

Platform: Arcade, Android, iPad, iPhone, Nintendo Switch
Release: 1999 (Arcade)



  1. Black Wind (Arrange Version)
  2. Armed Wings (Player Select)
  3. Interval of a Huge Gorge (America Stage)
  4. A Hysteric Woman Goes Over The Sun (Boss A)
  5. Sea of Battle (Japan Stage)
  6. Turn Red (Russia Stage)
  7. Rest of a Bomb (Australia Stage)
  8. Black Wind (Boss B)
  9. Rolling & Diving (Sea of Clouds Stage)
  10. None of The Phenomena of The Universe (Space Stage)
  11. Another Side (Warp Stage)
  12. Invaders’ Base (Final Stage)
  13. Last Battle (Final Boss)
  14. In The Name of Strikers (Result)
  15. Loneliness of The Ace of Shooting Down (Ranking)

Duration: 24 min


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