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This questionnaire-style interview was originally featured in the 10/90 edition of BEEP! Megadrive magazine. It’s both a fascinating cultural snapshot of the early video game industry in Japan, as well as a nice introduction to some of the “unknown soldiers” of game design, including women involved in Alisia Dragoon and Battle of Olympus.

M2’s CEO Naoki Horii & Haima Fuyuno covering the upcoming Aleste Branch, showing off screenshots of the game for the first time.

The infamous cover for the North American release of Phalanx on the Super Nintendo is constantly featured on lists of the “worst” video game covers of all time.

One aspect of Sega games almost universally revered by the company’s fans is the memorable music that was so consistent throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. No matter what type of arcade game it was, if it was produced by Sega of Japan, there was more than likely to be great music involved. What makes this quality so amazing is that so many legendary soundtracks came out of the company during this period.

The STG tourney that brings together casuals and world record holders is back. New teams and another twelve games provide opportunity to grow and compete.

This is a text adaptation of an interview that Lucas Milani Santiago took from Vitor Vilela, the engineer who fixed Gradius III.

This long interview with Ogura and music team Zuntata was featured in the Darius Odyssey book published 2019. It covers the history of the series, from the original arcade Darius to Dariusburst on the PSP.

Conducted just before the arcade release of Ikaruga, this interview with Treasure’s founder/president Masato Maegawa discusses some of the challenges of designing that game, as well as industry trends and observations about the STG genre generally. Maegawa has some especially heartening (and pointed) words at the end; it’s not hard to see why Treasure is so beloved by gamers, with their games-before-profit philosophy.

Developers: Kaneko (Arcade and Genesis), Hudson Soft (TurboGrafx-16)
Composer: Tatsuya Watanabe
Platforms: Arcade, Genesis, PC Engine
Release: 1990 (PCE)

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Shin Jinrui The New Type (FC)

Adventures of Dino Riki (NES)

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Developer: Hudson Soft